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Too long...

It is high time I put an entry in this blog again :-)

I have been doing a lot of stuff lately. Let me go over all my projects one by one and see what the status on it is:

  • Crystal Space: it is funny to see how little I actually work on Crystal Space while I move away to work on projects that use Crystal Space. But still I do some occasional stuff on Crystal Space and I do have some plans for the future too. The last few weeks I have been busy cleaning up and also making some preparations for improving performance with more modern lighting/shadow systems (i.e. the light/sector influence system). Also we are now preparing for a new pseudo-stable release which should come out in a few days from now hopefully.
  • CEL: Lately I have been doing a lot of physics work (i.e. mechanics property class) for a game that I'm making (more on that later). Physics is nice and with the mechanics property class it is easy to use in CEL and in the XML behaviour layer.
  • Crystal Core: there is a lot of artist activity in Crystal Core but little coding activity. I plan to rectify that soon. My first task is to work on the HUD for Crystal Core. However, I'm still waiting for the artwork to do that. I also hope that Eric Vaught can help with the AI system.
  • CrystalBlend Lite: for CrystalBlend I'm busy fixing it so it works on my 64-bit linux system. This is a bit hairy as the old code that is being used to parse the blend files depends on the very wrong assumption that sizeof(pointer) == sizeof(int).
  • CrystalBlend Full: I still have a few changes I need to make to the design document of CrystalBlend Full (like make abstraction of the event system) but other then that this project is on hold until the Blender coders are a bit more free to help me (i.e. as soon as Blender 2.4 is released I would hope).
  • Secret Project: I got a nice freelance job in the fashion(!) industry which I can do in Crystal Space. Can't tell you more about it as there is an NDA.
  • Small Crystals (preliminary code name): I'm working on a set of commercial 'small' games using Crystal Space. Mostly puzzle games and similar that make heavy use of CEL and CS. Things like pinball, boulderdash, ... (here is what I'm using the physics property classes for). I plan to make this a commercial CD-ROM with a lot (as many as I can manage to make) of small games on it. All artwork I'll make myself (using Blender and GIMP). When you buy the CD-ROM you will get full source and blend files of all the games. The source will even be GPL or LGPL depending on the circumstances. So in addition to getting (hopefully) nice games to play you also get tutorials and sources for your own games.

So I can keep myself busy for a while :-)


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