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Currently I'm really stuck with my work. I'd really need to get the trunk merged into my branch (because of some new renderfeatures res wrote for my purpose and because I do have to extend the RM which is not in my branch!), but ever when I do that, the resulting code is not running well. Means, I don't get any 3D output on ANY testapp.
As long as I could not solve this problem, I can't do any big step... unfortunatly! (Really annoying thing)

There are some good news though: The csCloudSystem was tested and works fine by now. Then the a first version of the RM-extension is implemented as well. But as long as I'm not able to test it or even compile it, I can't say if it's working as it should!



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extension of the rendermanager

I'm about to implement the renderingstuff. I already did various things (especially preparation stuff) and now I'll have to extend the rendermanager. It will take while till I understand how the whole thing works, but it's necessary!



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Fully Loaded

The watermesh now has a working loader. The tags that the factory accepts within the <params> tag are as follows:

<length> The number of units long the mesh is along the z-axis.
<width> The number of units long the mesh is along the x-axis.
<gran> The number of vertices per unit length/width
<murk> The murkiness of the water
<isocean> Boolean value saying whether or not the mesh is an ocean.

The object accepts only the factory and material tags. Note that the proper material needs to be set in order for the watermesh to function properly.


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