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Hello World

...and Crystal Space. My name is Claudiu Mihail and I will be trying to improve Crystal Space's visual culler system during this year's Google Summer of Code.

As this project aims to take advantage of next generation chip-set capabilities the new culler will be build (at least in part) from the ground up. After some talking with my mentor and other Crystal Space developers the direction to go is to start a new plugin. This is going to be a rendermanager plugin that, in time, should replace the current one. Steps to follow for this are:

1) Base the new rendermanager plugin on the unshadowed code alraedy in place
2) Cannibalize code from the frustvis plugin (which implements frustum culling) and integrate it into the new render manager.
3) Once 1) and 2) are completed I can begin adding occlusion culling and begin implementing the CHC culling algorithm as described in my application plan.

The main challenge in this endeavor will be to understand and use the code already in place. Since CS is a pretty complex project I hope this won't pose to much of a problem.
As I progress further into my work I will be keeping everyone updated through this blog. But enough chatter, time to get to work.

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