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Baribal's Blog

My first and second impressions of Crystal Space


10:28:30 pm Permalink My first and second impressions of Crystal Space   English (US)

Categories: CS at a glance, 246 words

Hi. My name is Sebastian, and if you visit the IRC channel #crystalspace on, you may know me as Baribal.
Somewhen around 2002 I heard of Crystal Space (CS) took a look. On my first try, the build process was frustrating enough for me to become discouraged. Every now and then I checked back and found new, shiny features. Also, each time I tried, I got a bit farther than before.
This time around I managed to set up everything that I need to get developing for real. Less than a month ago, I decided to create a chessboard with it; three years ago, I nearly managed to create a Go game using nothing but hand-edited XML and Python scripts. Now, three weeks after I looked at the first cube I made, I have both gathered a fundamental understanding of how to work with CS and wrote most of my chessboard. Considering that despite the hurdles I encountered on the way, I got quite far in a short time, I am wondering why not more people are developing games using CS, especially as nearly all the tools one could need are provided.
Then again building CS, then making the game are not trivial tasks, either, and most of the documentation meant to help along newcomers consists of the explained code of small applications. Personally, I can think of easier ways by which CS could be explained.
And that's why I asked for this blog.

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