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Category: External tools


11:04:23 pm Permalink The quest for CEGUI   English (US)

Categories: External tools, 218 words

It seems to be a task that programmers by and large despise, but which is necessary nonetheless: Creating GUIs in the form of menus, buttons, the whole shebang. CS' GUI of choice is CEGUI. However, getting it to run is, right now (Oct. 18, 2010) is... troublesome.
First of all, you need a sufficiently current version, which means >= 0.7.0, which in turn means that the packages in the Ubuntu repositories are too old by far, so figuring out dependencies, installing them, checking out the SVN and building it yourself is the way to go:

apt-get install libtool libpcre3-dev
svn co cegui_mk2-0-7
cd cegui_mk2-0-7/
./configure --disable-xerces-c
sudo make install

So far, so good. But now we're getting to the Python bindings. If I were a little less curious than I am now, I'd say "It's not worth the hassle, just wait until they're officially supported" (which, for now, is scheduled for Nov. 19, 2010). Well, but I *am* that curious and hassled Kulik, so... You know what? Nevermind. Wait until they're officially released. The other way includes downloading bindings that are probably gonna change, writing build scripts yourself, all the good stuff. Just build CEGUI itself so you can enjoy CS' ceguitest and hairtest.

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