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Julian's Blog

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12:30:36 Permalink Stuck...   German (DE)

Kategorien: CloudSystem, 137 Wörter


Currently I'm really stuck with my work. I'd really need to get the trunk merged into my branch (because of some new renderfeatures res wrote for my purpose and because I do have to extend the RM which is not in my branch!), but ever when I do that, the resulting code is not running well. Means, I don't get any 3D output on ANY testapp.
As long as I could not solve this problem, I can't do any big step... unfortunatly! (Really annoying thing)

There are some good news though: The csCloudSystem was tested and works fine by now. Then the a first version of the RM-extension is implemented as well. But as long as I'm not able to test it or even compile it, I can't say if it's working as it should!


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23:22:52 Permalink extension of the rendermanager   German (DE)

Kategorien: CloudSystem, 38 Wörter

I'm about to implement the renderingstuff. I already did various things (especially preparation stuff) and now I'll have to extend the rendermanager. It will take while till I understand how the whole thing works, but it's necessary!


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17:44:17 Permalink Debug and integration   German (DE)

Kategorien: CloudSystem, 79 Wörter


The last few days I worked to get the plugin running. Now it does. I made also several changes on the interface. After the plugin was finally running, I made some first performance tests and debugged all SERIOUS problems (no crashing anymore ;-)). Physical problems I'll be first able to detect, when I've written some rendering methods, to watch the cloud evolution itself.

After now, I'm going to check out all the rendering stuff. So till then ;-)

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12:55:42 Permalink Cloud dynamics at a good point   German (DE)

Kategorien: CloudSystem, 58 Wörter


This week I worked very intensly on cloud dynamics. I could improve it further I initially expected. By now all main-methods and functionallities are implemented, but not tested yet. Now I want to figure out the best way for debugging a simulation. I think a graphical approach would be the best in this case, but we'll see...

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10:20:29 Permalink Work is going on!   German (DE)

Kategorien: CloudSystem, 68 Wörter


Yesterday I finally got the msvcgen run due to help of res, xordan, brandano and vknecht.
Afterwards I immediatly started with implementation. After some initial issues I got the existing code running and extended it.
Currently am working on various aspects of the cloud-dynamics. The basic construct is already coded, now I take care of some calculus-functions and other helper methods which are needed by the simulation.

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11:50:07 Permalink API put down   German (DE)

Kategorien: CloudSystem, 34 Wörter

So... Since I've many exams right now, I didn't had much time to work, but I was able to steal a little bit and I put down the first Interfaces for the cloud system

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17:08:49 Permalink Searching the right code design   German (DE)

Kategorien: CloudSystem, 36 Wörter

Currently I'm tring to find a good design for the cloudssimulation system.

As soon as I "found" a good one, I'll start to implement first the cloud dynamics, without concenring the whole rendering stuff.

Till then

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