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Statically definition of graphs


I have been reading section 4.16 of Crystal Space manual (Format of Map Files). I have already think of a way to define graphs in an xml, first of all I think the new world file should look like this:

initialization part:
one texture specification section.
one material specification section.
one shader section.
one sounds section.
one variable section.
one plugin section.
one settings section.
zero or more start locations.
zero or more library specifications.
zero or more keys.
world elements:
zero or more add-ons.
zero or more mesh factories.
world definition:
zero or more sectors.
one ore more graphs
zero or more collections.
action section:
one sequence section.
one trigger section.

I think one graph should be specified for each sector and a special kind of edge should be included in the nodes which connect two or more sectors.

This graph section should look like this:

node id="0"
position x="0", y="0", z="0"/
edge to="1"/
node id ="1"
position x="50", y="0", z="50"/
edge to="0"/
edge to="-1" sector="sector_name"/

BTW: this is meant to be xml but I didnt get to write it correctly, I will re-write this later :)...

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