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Graph Loading!

Hello there!

I've been working lately mostly in fixing bugs.

Pcsteer, PcPathfinder and Celgraph are finished but they do have some bugs yet to be fixed. Some of these are:

- celgraph crashes if you call A* with the same node as initial and goal.
- Pursue in pcsteer calculates wrong velocity some times. I have not find a pattern which describes when this happens.
- FollowTwoWayPath and FollowCyclicPath in celgraph are not working correctly.
- This not actually a bug, but there still some upgrades to be made to A* to achieve better time performance.

I expect to finished doccummenting my code and fixing bugs by the end of the week. I have also been studying for a final test tomorrow, then Ill be completely free.

I have already started looking for a good method to load graphs in an application. By the moment the only way you can do this
is coding a LoadGraph Function inside your behaviours file. I will start working on monday on a loading method through the cel.addons utility.

Finally I'll be working in adding formations to pcsteer and, thats all for now =)


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Pathfinder propclass!

Hello there,

I know I have not written for a while, but thats basically because I had nothing new to say =P.

CelGraph is finished and it appears to be working correctly, however there are still some tests to be made.
Now, when I was testing it in a graph application I noticed how hard it was to create a path, call the graph, then call
pcsteer to follow that path and... you get the point.

So i created PcPathfinder, this class has similar functions to pcsteer (in fact it behaves very similar):


Seek will seek a position in the world using the graph, this way entities will be smarter to use certain paths instead of crashing against walls.

Pursue will do the same except that it will continue running A* in case the target has modified its position (as you can see this costs a lot)

Wander will use a function call RandomPath(int distance) in CelGraph which will create a random path of deepness distance ie: a random path with distance nodes.

Follow Cyclic Path will follow the indicated path and it will start over again once it reaches the end.

Follow One way Path will follow the indicated path and it will stop at the end.

Follow Two Way Path will follow the indicated path and it will follow it backwards once it reaches the end.

I thought these three functions may be useful for developers in case they want to set certain paths for there entities (guards for example may use this).

Finally I am thinging of adding a multiplier (float) property to edges.


Well, for the moment the cost between two edges is always the euclidean distance between them. But this will cause serious problems in games where you move slower in the mud or grass, etc. So, I will add this property, it will be 1.0 by default and it could be changed by the user with a SetMultiplier function.

Well, this is all for now, pcPathFinder still have bugs so Ill be working in this during the next week or so =)

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