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Starting to code

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So I actually got started implementing the editor the past few days. The current state is as follows.

wxAUI glory

But you wouldn't know from the screenshot that the panel manager and the panels themselves are potentially pluggable. I say potentially, because I haven't written the CS initialization code yet, including plugin loading of iPanels. Although, I don't expect to ever make the panel manager into a plugin.

In fact, most things in the editor will be pluggable, meaning you could implement them in a plugin. But to avoid making a plugin implementation for each single SCF interface in the editor, I'm going to include all of the core managers in the editor executable itself. But the core panels, tools, actions, and CS objects will be implemented in a single plugin to serve as an example and also to use consistent code for instantiating these components.

thebolt made a nice addition to SCF recently to provide access to interface metadata. This should make getting all of the interfaces that an object has so much faster since it means I don't have to iterate over all possible interfaces. Instead, I can keep a hash table of interface names mapped to iInterfaceWrapperFactory's. So to instantiate the correct iInterfaceWrapper objects for a particular iBase* object, I can simply perform lookups in the table. Thanks Marten.

Panels now also specify a default dock position so that they are laid out in an appropriate way. You can always move the panes around though (except for center pane). It will be nice if I have a menu for saving perspectives, that is, view configurations. But I won't worry about that yet.

Tomorrow's plan:

Implement plugin loading code
Implement CS initialization code
Implement the main CS 3d panel
Move wx event pump to CS 3d panel
Implement a map loading menu item
Start work on the scene manager and editor object stuff

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