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Shining lights

Well that took somewhat longer than expected, but I ticked off everything from my previous list except for starting on the SceneBrowserPanel. The File->Open only opens flarge right now, since I've yet to make an open dialog.

I also implemented a custom statusbar which has a progress bar. iEngine::Prepare takes a iProgressMeter* as a parameter, so I gave it an implementation which updates the statusbar with the description and the progress on the Prepare. Prepare reports on lighting. Unfortunately, engine lighting will soon be removed, but I still believe that the iProgressMeter implementation will be useful. After all, it is generic enough to be used in other parts of CS, for example the loader/saver, or even internally in the editor, such as for terrain generation (if someone implements a plugin to do this). I have yet to expose the statusbar in the iEditor interface, but I think this would be a good idea in some form, so that plugins can keep the user abreast of what is going on. Whether they need to show the progress gauge or not, they can still benefit from showing descriptive status text.

Other than that, I'm getting a segmentation fault at program exit, so I'll have to investigate this a bit.

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