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Work on CEL and CC

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I'm working fully on CEL now. The idea there is to create a full fledged quest manager which will be used for defining the story elements in Crystal Core. Basically the entire game logic and game structure will be defined with the quest manager in XML. The quest manager basically works but right now I'm working on adding sequences to it. I would have liked to use the existing engine sequence manager in CS but unfortunatelly the design of that doesn't make it easy for me to use that in CEL except for small and easy cases (like a fan that rotates or a light that goes on/off on proximity). But in all other cases (like doors that open and close in response to some quest element) we need to be able to save state and resume sequences in the middle later. This is not possible with the CS engine sequence manager. The new CEL sequence manager is part of the quest manager as it is closely tied to that and it will also reuse the triggers of that.

After this I hope I can incorporate some real working quests in Crystal Core. Hopefully Xotic will soon have some new levels so we can start to work on the first tech demo then.

I'll keep you posted.


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