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More Sequences and Donations...

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It is always satisfying when things work as you intended. In this case I'm talking about the sequence stuff in the quest manager. Today I managed to get a first working sequence in the test quest for celtest. It doesn't do much. Just print out a bunch of numbers during one second. But it proves that the system works. Additionally even persistence works. I can save the state of the entire quest including the running sequences and then later load it again. The quest and sequences just resume where they left off. Pretty nice.

The work will now be in adding more sequence operations to the quest manager so that this actually becomes useful. Also it will be great to have a quest trigger that fires when a sequence finishes. That way you can delay switching of the 'dooropen' state in a quest until the door is actually fully open.

We got a nice offer from Pace University to donate the full Macintosh computer to Eric. If that deal goes through then we need to find a new purpose for the money that has been donated so far (around $1000 USD). One idea is to replace my linux computer which is slowly starting to have problems (bad HD and overheating problems). Also it is underpowered with respect to 3D hardware which means we can't easily test the more advanced renderer features on linux (most of the other CS team members are using Windows these days). And of course I wouldn't mind a new computer :-) But of course that means we need even more money then $1000.


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