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Celtest progress again and other stuff...

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Made some good progress on celtest now. I rewrote it so that it now uses the zone manager instead of pcregion. That makes it easier to seperate the world file from the entity definitions. I'm now busy moving all entity creation from code to that entity file so that we can easily substitute other levels + entity definitions for celtest. When that's ready we can put two levels in CEL/CVS: basic_level and simple_game. The latter will be the new level that I'm creating which will have entity definitions that make it an actual simple game.

Looks like Eric is getting his iMac soon. This will be a great boost to the community if Eric gets faster hardware. Even with his very old hardware he manages to do a lot of amazing work on Crystal Space. I can hardly imagine what he will be able to do with a faster computer. Now hopefully the remaining money (plus new donations, hint hint!) can be used to spice up my computer situation a bit. Because after Eric gets his new computer I will be the one with the lowest-end hardware.



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