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There are at least two property classes that are interested in creation of other entities. One is pcspawn which is a property class that is responsible for spawning entities of a given type at certain intervals. This can be used for creature spawn points for example. Or places where health-kits can spawn. The other property class is pcquest. I would like to add a reward there that creates an entity. The problem with entity creation is that entity creation is not simply a matter of making the entity. You also need to supply a behaviour and property classes. And you also need to set up those property classes. pcspawn partially solves that by allowing you what property classes and behaviour to use at entity creation. However that doesn't help with setting up those property classes so this really is not very useful. The best way to solve this will be to allow entity factories. This is a new concept I will soon add to CEL. That way you can define an entity factory exactly like you would define an entity (in XML addon). pcspawn and the pcquest entity creation reward can then refer to a factory to create the entity.

With all the new work that I have been doing I think it is soon becoming time to document all this. The CEL documentation is very limited and these new property classes are rather advanced. Documentation is badly needed. This will be my next task after finishing the simple game.



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