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The Quest Continues

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Literally! My work on CEL is progressing very well now. I basically have a very simple game right now. At the start you enter the level in a room with four doors. Three doors are closed and you have to find the right key to open each of them. So the only option is to go through the open door. The doors open on approach and close again when you go further (unless it is locked of course). Picking up a key unlocks the right door. There is also a sphere that you can click on and when you do an entire section of the floor starts rotating so that you can have access to another part of the level. So plenty to do already but still a lot of work. Here is a list of problems I encountered so far that I still need to solve:

  • If you happen to be at the wrong spot when the door opens you can get stuck in the door. That's bad. I have to think about a suitable solution for this roblem.
  • There is no range checking on mesh selection. That means that you can click on a button or pick up an item from very far away.
  • Cally can't easily run on some of the stairs. She needs to be able to take bigger steps without having to jump.
  • I need to design the level carefully so that you can't jump to places you are not supposed to go.
  • Celtest has some custom code that is only relevant for basic_celtest level (i.e. selection on actor and also the behaviour). I need to find a way to move that to the basic level so that the game level doesn't suffer from that unneeded functionality.

In addition to the problems encountered above I still need the following enhancements to CEL:

  • A pclight property class.
  • A sequence operation to animate a pseudo-dynamic lights.

All in all I'm very happy with the way this is working out. The quest manager is appearing to be a very useful tool for making game logic. It is even powerful enough to completely drive a simple game. In real full games you would of course combine it with behaviour logic for more specialized control.


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