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And the story continues

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Well the new level is progressing very nicely now. I'm using the textures from Xotic which he made for the Crystal Core levels and with those textures it is very easy for me to make a very big Star Wars lookalike level. It looks a lot cooler then current celtest level biggrin When I started making the level I didn't think of using the textures from Xotic so the first part of the level doesn't look as nice. I'm probably going to create that again.

Currently I'm fully concentrating on the level but during building of that level I found out that there are still lots of things to do on the code side. Here is a small summary:

  • Fix blend2cs for hierarchical transformations. It is hard to find information on how to correctly interprete the loc, dloc, parentinv, orig, and other fields in the .blend file though.
  • Add support for pseudo-dynamic lights to blend2cs.
  • Add support for animating lights in the quest sequence manager. Also a pclight property class is required for persistence.
  • Add a solution for the stuck-in-door problem. Most likely I'm just going to disable CD on the door as soon as it is open.
  • A new quest reward to reposition an entity (can be used for a teleporter device).

Today I fixed an important bug in the static lightmap calculator. Apparently shadows didn't cast through portals. For some obscure reason the code that marked shadows relevant was removed. It was not easy to revive that code so I just consider all shadows relevant now.

That's it for now.


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