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New Projects and Everything

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I did it again! I started yet another new project. As if I don't have enough todo already smile

The new project is CrystalBlend. It is an alternative to the GameBlender project which you can use to create games from within Blender. The problem with GameBlender is that it is no longer maintained well and is showing its age. A Crystal Space based version of that promises a lot more for the future. Especially since it will use CEL and thus have access to the CEL game entity system. The first version will be compatible with the current GameBlender but the plan is to move to a new CEL based version pretty soon. In the end I hope we can even get a new CrystalBlend game UI in Blender itself. That would really be nice.

As to my other projects. All is still in progress. I'm waiting for the new levels from Xotic and when I get those I will start working on the first tech demo for Crystal Core?.


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