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Now that I brought the CS and CEL documentation in a better state (not finished yet but at least it is now a lot better) it is time to concentrate on CrystalBlend. I managed to get the keyboard sensor working pretty well so far. The movement actuator works partially. Sufficient to get a very small demo going.

I now started on physics as well. Currently I'm using the mechanics plugin with ODE underneath. In the mean time Erwin Coumans will be working on integrating his Bullet physics library (Bullet Forums) with Crystal Space by letting it implement the dynamics interfaces. If that is ready we can try out Bullet too and see how it compares to ODE.

So far things are going pretty well.





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In case you haven't seen it yet there is a nice deathmatch type game at It is full free (both art and code) under the GPL and it works on linux and windows. The graphics are nice and I think this is the kind of game/demo that someone should make with Crystal Space too. Crystal Core is almost going to be that except that Crystal Core? is a single player FPS and will have more complicated story mechanisms and interactions with the levels (like vehicles you can control and other stuff like that). I think one of the tasks that I need to tackle soon is to implement some kind of shooting/weapon system in the celtestdemo which I can then use as a proof of concept for Crystal Core?.

Speaking of Crystal Core?. Xotic is back and has shown me a few new things he is working on. Hopefully we can soon get a full set of levels and release the first tech demo (after I added some logic to that of course).

I have been working hard on documentation the past few days but a lot more needs to be done still. More specifically I would also like to document CEL better. One question is if the CEL documentation should be integrated with CS or not. I personally am inclined to think yes but not everyone agrees with that (given that they are technically separate projects).

For CrystalBlend I'm waiting until I get some feedback from Erwin Coumans. He is going to attempt to integrate the existing old GameBlender logic into the current CrystalBlend.

That was it for today.


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