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Seems that Crystal Core? has sprung into action again. Xotic is making amazing maps and RaydenSFX is making amazing sound effects. I'm now working on a 3D sound system in CEL (based on the new sound system that has been put in CS the last week) which will enable us to have 3D sounds attached to objects (like machinery, doors that open/close, ...). Crystal Core will also have footsteps, wind, and other ambient sounds. Nice to hear :-) In the mean time Hak'M and Xotic are also working hard on the story. Seems like Crystal Core will grow into a real game after all!

On the negative side I'm a bit hampered in development with the lack of a good linux machine. I would really like to have a new/second hand laptop that can be used for linux. The specs of that laptop really don't have to be amazing but a adequate 3D card is of course needed.

For people who worry about lack of progress on CrystalBlend. Don't worry. I can't do all at once but I will certainly return to CrystalBlend development soon.



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