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1.0, and Crystal Core

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We're now working hard on the first 1.0 release. I really hope that we can release 1.0RC1 (first release candidate) in a matter of weeks but it is hard to really say that that will be possible. At least people can already try out the 1.0 branch in SVN if they want to help test this.

Secondly we're resuming work on Crystal Core now. Crystal Core is broken with the massive particle system changes in CS so the first thing we need to do is to fix the particle systems. After that we need a few animated creature models in the new gmeshanim2 format (since gmeshanim is now gone). And then we need a good level (probably one of Xotic's current levels) and we can release a tech demo. For the real Crystal Core we are now working hard on a good story. We feel that for a single player game it is important to have a really deep and plausable story and also make gameplay flow nicely around that story. We will also change the style of the alien structures a bit. We are aiming for a more organic look. You'll see what we mean soon I hope :)

That's all for now.



Exciting Times!

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These are really exciting times in the Crystal Space world.

First we migrated from CVS to SVN. SVN is a much more flexible and powerful revision control manager. This move will facilitate making branches (which we will need for 1.0 and Google Summer of Code) and it is easier to keep track of changes using SVN too. There are also a few downsides (like having a much bigger client-side checkout of CS and some operations are somewhat slower) but in general it is a big improvement. To improve on the client-side overhead we will most likely remove the generated documentation from SVN (i.e. the entire docs/html directory). The docs itself will stay though.

Secondly the Google Summer of Code deadline has passed. So we now know that we get seven applications and we almost know which students are accepted (still have to resolve collisions between other organizations). I'm really looking forward to working with the students on seven exciting projects in Crystal Space. I hope it will be a valuable experience for the students and obviously I hope that Crystal Space will also benefit from this. The SoC students will work in seperate SVN branches so that their work doesn't interphere with the normal development.

Thirdly we're looking forward to the conference now. We have some really good talks planned and I'm really looking forward to meeting you all there. I'm sure a lot of good things can come out of this conference.

Fourthly we will soon make the 1.0 branch in svn. This is really a great time and the first real concrete step towards the 1.0 release. Of course the real 1.0 will still be some time in the future as we really have to resolve a lot of bugs and problems first. But it is a good step in the right direction.

And finally things are looking nice on the CS demo side. Erroroman, Xotic, and caedes are really doing a nice job on some impressive demos. You'll soon hear more from this.

Greetings from Belgium!



Crystal Core and Tidbits

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It has been some time since I made another blog post so here I am again.

Lately we are making a lot of good progress on Crystal Core. On the art side Xotic is working on some amazing levels which make good use of advanced CS features (like shaders). Also I'm very happy to tell that caedes (author of blender2crystal) has joined Crystal Core. He will be a great help with the entity system in CC and also making sure blender2crystal does everything that we want it to do. As I'm working on Crystal Core it is interesting to see how I'm being very succesful in avoiding a lot of C++ code in CC. I even managed to remove a bit and I have further plans for more code removal. Of course all that logic has to go somewhere. Most of the advanced logic is now implemented in CEL. CC is starting to make heavy use of the CEL quest manager and the XML scripting language and it all works out very well. Entity logic like explosions and (soon) weapon control is all coded in XML now using a combination of the quest manager and XML scripts. CC now also has a semi functional starting menu (with sound even) and the health HUD item is also working properly now.

On the CrystalBlend site I still need to find to bite an annoying bullet: fixing CB so it runs on 64-bit. When that is done I can start adding features and fixes again.

I have very good feelings about the conference. Many people are interested to come and several people also expressed interest in having a talk or workshop. Seems like we will have plenty of good content to talk about. Also it will be nice to just meet everyone in person for once.

That's all folks!


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