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1.0, and Crystal Core

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We're now working hard on the first 1.0 release. I really hope that we can release 1.0RC1 (first release candidate) in a matter of weeks but it is hard to really say that that will be possible. At least people can already try out the 1.0 branch in SVN if they want to help test this.

Secondly we're resuming work on Crystal Core now. Crystal Core is broken with the massive particle system changes in CS so the first thing we need to do is to fix the particle systems. After that we need a few animated creature models in the new gmeshanim2 format (since gmeshanim is now gone). And then we need a good level (probably one of Xotic's current levels) and we can release a tech demo. For the real Crystal Core we are now working hard on a good story. We feel that for a single player game it is important to have a really deep and plausable story and also make gameplay flow nicely around that story. We will also change the style of the alien structures a bit. We are aiming for a more organic look. You'll see what we mean soon I hope :)

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