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Warning! Exciting future ahead!

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This is the first time I'm using the new blog system.

Here is some good news! Besides the upcoming conference which is always exciting, there is the possibility of a VERY nice upcoming project which has the potential of giving CS a huge boost. This boost would be in the form of upgrading the public image of Crystal Space (i.e. A PR boost) and also a technical boost. We're currently still in the negotiation phase and since a big project like this requires considerable money we're probably going to have to organize a big donation campaign. But we'll see. At this moment I can't tell you much more about this project.

On the Crystal Space 1.2 side things are a bit slower then they could be. There is still a lot to do and too little time...

Then there is also Google Summer of Code. Hopefully we can get a lot of good things from it this year.

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