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Public Relations!

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I'm pretty happy to announce CS^2 (or CrystalSquared). Basically Marten and me will now give commercial support for people who are interested in that kind of thing. Basically if you have a bigger problem with CS that you really can't solve (and we can't solve without more extensive work), you want to get some help starting up a new project (i.e. setting up the basic project and stuff), you want help on some very big bug, you want to pay for an important new feature in Crystal Space, or you want some private tutorial or lessons then visit and we will try to help you as good as we can. Maybe we can also offer commercial support for other things we didn't think about. Just tell us and we will see what we can do. A few weeks ago I had the idea to start this but we were a bit worried about how to do this exactly. It is important to emphasize that we absolutely do NOT want to decrease the quality of the already existing free support in any way. Preferably we even want to improve on that even. This commercial support option is only there for the kind of support that we wouldn't do for free since it is too much work. So hopefully this all works out to the best. We're not the first Open Source project to offer this kind of support. Ogre3D does it for example.

On public relations and publicity I also updated the pages at ohloh. Ohloh is a rather interesting site where you can submit a project and ohloh will calculate various statistics about popularity, code base, contributors and so on. We have the following projects there right now:

If you visit these project links then you can 'stack' a project indicating that you use that project. You can also give 'kudo's to the project developers which gives an indication level of your appreciation of that person. If you are a developer of one of those projects then you can link your username with the contributions done on that project and if you additionally placed yourselves on the map then it will show on the little earth map with every project that you stacked and/or are a contributor of.

In the mean time I'd also like to note that we're very busy working on the 1.2 release now. Hopefully we can release 1.2rc1 in a matter of weeks now.

And yes, the 'secret project' is still in planning stages :-)


Stuff ...

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Why is the title of my blog so often 'Stuff...'? That's because I just can't find a good title for the jumble of things I'm talking about :-)

Anyway, I finally started work on Crystal Core again. Our main artist (Xotic or Anders Wisur) has catched a major case of 'Real Life' and he told me that he will only be cured of that around August. So until then the art side of Crystal Core is pretty much stalling. But I decided to work on the game logic again. So now I'm working on a new shiny weapon system. You will be able to pick up weapons and ammo and switch between weapons. Most of this is already working to some extent. But I need more models for weapons, ammo, and also visual effects.

Soon we are going to branch CS and CEL 1.2. Then we can finally start working on fixing the last bugs for 1.2 and release. It is hard to keep on schedule here. We really could use some more developers focused on fixing bugs and doing more 'mundane' things like completing features and such.

I also picked up a VERY old hobby of mine: electronics. When I was a kid I used to play with digital electronics a lot (making small logic circuits and such). But then I got my first computer and for more then twenty years I completely forgot about it. But now my children are starting to get in the age that they are also interested in stuff like this so I picked it up again. This time however I'm concentrating on analog electronics. More specifically I'm trying to build analog synthesizers. Nothing fancy. Just playing around a bit with transistors and 'opamps' :-)

To pay for my new hobby (among other things) I thought that it would be nice if I could finally make some money out of Crystal Space. So we (me and a few others) are considering starting some kind of consultancy site on Crystal Space and CEL. So we can give commercial support for projects that are interested in that kind of thing. OGRE also has something similar. We'll see how this works out. Once we are ready with this I'll post an announcement.

Edit: forgot to mention that planning for the 'secret project' is still in progress :-)

That's it for today. See you in my next blog post!


Warning! Exciting future ahead!

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This is the first time I'm using the new blog system.

Here is some good news! Besides the upcoming conference which is always exciting, there is the possibility of a VERY nice upcoming project which has the potential of giving CS a huge boost. This boost would be in the form of upgrading the public image of Crystal Space (i.e. A PR boost) and also a technical boost. We're currently still in the negotiation phase and since a big project like this requires considerable money we're probably going to have to organize a big donation campaign. But we'll see. At this moment I can't tell you much more about this project.

On the Crystal Space 1.2 side things are a bit slower then they could be. There is still a lot to do and too little time...

Then there is also Google Summer of Code. Hopefully we can get a lot of good things from it this year.

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