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I was able to accomplish a lot today, although it doesn't feel like it. I spent most of the morning (and afternoon) working out how to get the dll generated by the plgcolladaconvertor project to actually load. Thanks to res2k, Rolenun_, and iceeey, I was successful. I didn't realize that the MSVC project files are automatically generated, and that if I create them manually, the needed resource file for embedding the .csplugin file into the dll on compilation is not present. After figuring this out, and fighting to get perl installed so I could do a 'jam msvcgen', I finally was able to get the project files in a reasonable state so I could build everything.

Once this was completed, I ran into another snag: the plugin was having problems initializing. Initially, I learned (again, thanks to res2k) that I had been trying to load the plugin crystalspace.utilities.colladacoverter, as opposted to crystalspace.utilities.colladaconvertor. This simple spelling mistake cost me roughly a hour to find, and I probably would still be at it, if it hadn't been for res. After a number of trial runs, and looking at bugplug.cpp, I was able to determine that the problem was in the Initialize() function returning false.

So, finally, after a lot of work, I have gotten the plugin to load successfully. I also implemented a Report() function, similar to the one found in bugplug.cpp, which takes a variable number of arguments. It's a private function, so it can't be accessed outside of the csColladaConvertor class, but it will be useful to report what's going on while I debug things.

On a more personal note, I ordered the COLLADA Book today (Sailing the seas of digitial concept creation, or something equally exotically titled). I have heard it's a good resource, and while the specification is detailed enough for me to work off of, any additional documentation always comes in handy ;). The wierd thing is, Amazon tells me that they won't be able to ship it for another few days, and they expect the arrival date won't be until June 18.

That's all for today. It was quite a day. :)

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