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I was able to get vertex conversion working correctly today. As of right now, the ConvertGeometry() function does the following for each <mesh> object:

  • Retrieves the array of vertices from the <source> element specified .
  • Converts this array of vertices from string format to float.
  • Stores this array of vertices as <v> elements under a meshFact object with a name the same as the id attribute specified in the collada <source> element.

This doesn't seem like a lot, but the code for it is actually quite extensive. This actually only converts to a <library>, currently. In order to convert to a <world> type file, I will need to determine how to represent portals. I believe this is going to need to be information either added to the COLLADA file in <extra> elements (as this is really what these are for), or perhaps there will be more information coming in future sections. Right now, my main design concern is to get the geometry (i.e. vertices, lines, polygons) working correctly before proceeding. Since the library element is a prerequisite for the <world>, (e.g. the <world> element often includes library elements outside of its own file), conversion of libraries seemed the logical place to start.

Additionally, I am not quite sure how to convert splines. As far as I can tell right now, splines are not part of the Crystal Space library definition. I could be incorrect, however. It might be possible to convert the splines to a polygonal mesh, similar to what Blender allows a user to do, but this would have to wait until the basics of the conversion system are in place.

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