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The last few days have been spent doing the grunt work for the ConvertGeometry() function. Most of this is pretty straightforward, as most of the COLLADA geometry converts directly to Crystal Space format. I have been adding functionality, debugging, adding functionality, debugging, etc... for the past 3 or 4 days. Since the function isn't complete until all of the functionality is added, I haven't performed a commit in a little while.

Right now, I am working to finish the <triangle> tag conversion. Once this is completed, I will test it and then begin implementation of triangle fans. This will then complete the polygon and triangle conversions, and I will perform normal coordinate conversion before proceeding to the ConvertTexturesShading() function.

For the near future, I intend to list functionality which needs to be implemented in each iteration. Once completed, I will then begin coding small bits of each conversion function before adding new functionality. I think this stricter iterative process will be better, since all of the conversion functionality depends on each of the other conversion functions.

I also intend to re-design some of the function names, as it's not entirely intuitive. I believe I will remove the ConvertTexturesShading() function, and add two new functions in its place: ConvertMaterials() and ConvertShading(). Similarly, I will also be adding a ConvertScene() function, in order to more intuitively support conversion of items like the camera. I have also toyed with the idea of splitting the Convert() function into two separate functions ConvertLibrary() and ConvertMap(), but I don't know if I am going to do this just yet.

For tomorrow, I plan to do the following:

  • Implement <triangle> conversion
  • Implement <trifan> conversion
  • Implement normal conversion
  • Test and debug ConvertGeometry()

Testing and debugging will continue through this weekend. I intend to make a commit Sunday night which has a completed ConvertGeometry() function, although if the schedule slips a little, this might not happen right on Sunday. ;)

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