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I have nearly completed the basic materials conversion process. What remains, at the moment, is to convert from a csColladaMaterial object, which holds specular, diffuse, and ambient colors (COLLADA treats materials as shaders, which poses a slight problem when shaders aren't being used to their full extent), as well as some supporting information, which will be useful when we move from basic materials to shaders in the future, to the XML needed for the Crystal Space document. I expect this conversion should be finished tomorrow, at which time I will begin debugging the materials conversion process, and adding what needs to be added to make it sound.

Following this, I intend to work on the scene conversion, which will only be applicable for Crystal Space map files. I expect this will be fully finished and ready for use by August 20. Unfortunately, I think that the COLLADA Physics, advanced effects, and rigging/animation conversions will not be completed by the GSoC deadline of August 20. I believe that I will be able to get most of the rigging/animation, as well as possibly, the FX conversion, completed by the time school starts again. Of course, progress will slow once school starts, but I fully intend to continue working on this project even after I return to classes.

Some good news, on the other hand, is that I have almost finished the algorithm for 3D polygon surface triangulation, with some help from Dr. Martin Held. I am going to put this up in UML activity diagrams, and then post it, so folks have a chance to look it over, and give me their feedback, before implementing it. I will also be modifying the 2D triangulation conversion slightly, so that it works will polygons with holes. This won't happen until after the initial 3D triangulation algorithm is in place, however, so my initial COLLADA conversion code will not support polygons with holes - that is the <ph> tags.

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