Midterm Schedule Review


Midterm Schedule Review

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Hello CrystalSpace,
As some of you will know this past week has seen the completion of the mid-term reviews. I am very proud to have passed this milestone and look forward to completing the project in similar success. Thank you to Guillaume for all his continued support and to the community as a whole for all your help.

Given this mid-point in the programme it seems a sensible time to review the schedule and update it in relation to the progress made. I will shortly after making this post bump the schedule to the top of blog for clarity's sake.

This weeks progress was initially focussed on the factor out of sequences, and secondly on the testing of the refactor as a whole. The testing has highlighted that the sequences are currently non-functional and will require some further work. As previously stated the testing application (appquesttest) is intended to be the basis of the refactored-quest tutorial, and so this time spent testing has also seen further development of the tutorial program.

My intention is to continue working on the refactor up to a strict deadline of next Wednesday's post (22nd July). My reasoning for this is that if work does not begin promptly upon the behaviour tree implementation, I may get stuck throughout the program in developing features for the quest system and fail to produce one of my key deliverables; the BT.

Given this deadline, I am afraid the previous intended delivery of nesting FSM's is unlikely to be accomplished at this stage. However, I have as suggested by google left the majority of the final week for finalising the project. Provided I meet the set deadline of August 12th for the BT work, I will still have a solid working week to work on additional features for the refactored quest.

Therefore, the new schedule splits the refactored quest schedule into achievements in the section "Progress", goals intended for completion before 22nd July in the section "To Do" and tasks to attempt once the BT is completed in the section "Time Permitting." The tasks that will be attempted time permitting, are ordered in the intended series of attempting them. Given it was an originally proposed deliverable I have put the allowance for nesting quests at the top of this list. However, if higher priority in any of these additional tasks is desired please feel free to contact me.

Some may notice that I have removed the suggested potential to factor out sequences entirely, given the amount of work I have put in to factoring them out of quests I believe this would be detrimental to the amount achieved by this project. Therefore, whilst I am not disagreeing with this as a potential development decision I do not intend to complete this during the summer of code program.

I have also moved the additional suggestion to implement cel expressions in sequences up from an additional request into an intended deliverable. From my early look into how to add this feature to triggers, I believe that it should be achievable to add expressions to both triggers and sequences within the new quest refactor deadline. I hope that this can at least partly make up for the delay and possible lack of implementation of the nesting deliverable.

Finally, reader's may have noticed this blog was published a day early this week. My graduation is occurring this Thursday and given the long journey and early start we are travelling up tomorrow. This will limit my productivity for the next couple of days, but I will do my best to stay in contact via email if anyone has any queries or suggestions with regard to this new schedule.

Thank you all again for your support, Sam

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