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A hero's saga: interlude

Does it happen to you too that at life threatening moments you forget about those small crucial details, like a chain link fence makes horrible cover from a spray of lethal bullets?

That was what I was wondering when I jumped that fence while someone was firing at me with a 9 mill automatic weapon. It was at about the same time I realised a leather jacket and jeans are no good as body armor.

I screamed like a 15-year old girl and rolled over the ground; blood was gushing out of my leg and shoulder.

My armed opponent walked passed the fence, reached into my jacket and pulled out my gun. He mumbled something between his teeth though I couldn't quite make out the language. Still, I'm sure it was an insult directed at me. Actually I'm certain it was an insult as he kicked me in the ribs when he said it. I rolled over in pain, pondering which part of my body hurt the most so I could apply pressure to it next. This turned out to be my head, throbbing with pain that made the gaping holes in the rest of my body feel like papercuts in comparison.

Having lived on only strong liquor for the past few months had incurred a devestating effect on my health. What was I supposed to do though? You can't go around shooting people while eating Subway sandwhiches.

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