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Hamster race

If you grew up in a small remote town like myself you'd know it has several downsides, especially if you're as old as me and missed the great video game era by a hair. Well, I'm not being completely honest about entertainment at our house. At least we had books. Every Sunday of each month we played Crazy Christians and held a great book burning much to the chagrin of the town priest whom we had nicknamed Mister Hypocrite. At this point you should have noticed my usage of the word “we”. By “we” I'm of course referring to myself and my twin brother. Obviously you're thinking that a twin brother must be great. You could simply blame things on the other if need be. Unfortunately that is a double edged blade, and worse still, mostly blunt on his side. No matter how much I hated my brother though, I still didn't want other people to hurt him. Thats a privilege I want to keep to myself. Don't let that fact mislead you though, he's definitely the evil crazy one. The craziest thing I've ever thought of was building a machine to shrink us down, so that we could hold a fair race with our pet hamster. Unfortunately what I didn't realize at the time was that humans are bipeds so even even given equal size, the hamster would still win.

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