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I yelled out "No escape!" as I pounded my fists against the cushioned walls. I started to cry, but it wasn't emotional, my eyes were all bloodshot and dry from the sleep deprivation. They say it's the cause of my paranoia, but I know better. I remember well the night I last slept and the day before when my mind was only clouded with meaningless worries. I was there when it happened...

Rumbling at the door, I shuffled backwards into a corner, trapped as a bunny just sitting there, clinging at life but overcome by fear, waiting for it's predator to deal the final blow. The door swings open followed by a hollow tud when it's stopped by the wall's padding. The white coats. Did another day already pass? The two men enter the cell, but immediatly stop at the door, their shadows cast into the chamber, deformed projections whirl over the floor and walls. One of them approuches me with one hand behind his back, uttering meaningless words in a soothing voice as he comes towards me. I growl at him when he's just at my feet and try to push myself deeper into the corner.

A swift motion and he dealt the final blow, an injection needle punctured my right shoulder. "Sweet dreams." he said without barely moving his lips, not even making a dent in that grin of his, as he exited the room. The other man shut the door behind him. I heared the lock sliding and clicking in place. Are there others like me in here. Why aren't they doing anything to ... My vision became blurry, I must fight the sedative, keep my thoughts clear. Think! I tried to slap myself on the head, I was unable to move my arms, my head nodding as my neck struggled to support it's weight. A string of thoughts fading into nothingness, overwelmed by defeat, giving in to the drug.
Sedative one, me zero.

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