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What time is it? Can I be more helpful? When will she call? Is this slippery? Should I do that again? Will lasers mend this? Was it 5? Did they overcharge me? Is God tall? When will they thank me? Am I special too? Is she laughing at me? Who left this here? Does this smell okay Can I heat that up? Why did you change? Can someone help me? Will I ever die? When will they replace me?

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The reef

It shone, pale as bone,
as I stood there alone.
and I thought to myself how the moon,
That night, cast its light
On my heart's true delight,
And the reef where her
body was strewn

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It's like this dreading darkness is enveloping you, turning your thoughts into abstract flashes of a bizarre reality slowly turning, corrupting your sanity until the only thing that remains is a twisted sickening variation of your own being.

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Like the flashing led on a disused answering machine, reminding you there is something there, but you don't want to know what.


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I never saw them coming, the horsemen. I only closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them again, the world was burning, distant cries as people ran around in a panic. It took only a single blink more and it was calm again, only a single dark void remained and I can't even recall what the world was like before. Not a single sign of my person. Will I ever see her again?


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