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VirtualBox GnomeApplet

Sometimes the need arises to monitor something.

How to install:

  • Get the files from here. and place them in
  • Make file executable: chmod +x /home/youruser/vb/
  • Open virtualbox-applet.server and edit

    <oaf_server iid="OAFIID:GNOME_VB_factory"
    type="exe" location="/home/youruser/vb/">
    to point to the right path.
  • create a sym link in /usr/lib/bonobo/servers/

    sudo ln -s /home/youruser/vb/virtualbox-applet.server /usr/lib/bonobo/servers/virtualbox-applet.server
  • Right click a panel, click 'Add to panel', do a search on 'virtualbox', select 'Python VirtualBox Applet', click 'Add' and voila it should show up.



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If someone is interested, this converts the current MakeHuman mesh to animesh including targets.

Was experimenting with it cause customizing your character in-game to make it look like you want or get a muscular character when your strength goes up sounds great!

Unfortunately the highpoly mesh combined with the morphtarget transformations is kinda expensive, 17fps here :/

So moving on to something else...

Simple instructions:
- put script in makehuman dir
- run
- copy skelfrankie_rig from cs/data/frankie and put along side the generated factory file
- rename to rig
- edit rig and change in the skeleton tag name="frankie_rig" to name="rig"
- open factory in viewmesh
- start any animation, IMPORTANT without a animation running morphtargets won't be applied
- play around with the targets

A CS fix later, fps is now on an acceptable level of 90-100fps. So if someone has time to improve the conversion, UVmapping, skin texture, perhaps a way to create a lower poly version...


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The bar

We went to the bar, they were reading vagina jokes from their phones, they laughed. I didn't. Only thing I thought about was setting them on fire and wonder how funny _that_ would be as a I spun a lighter between my fingers.


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Zombies and loaders.

Sunday I was in Paris in a tavern called Oiseau on the Avenue de Clichy (near the Moulin Rouge red.) with my girlfriend discussing the topic 'Zombies are evil'. We came to the conclusion that zombies fall in three categories: natural (non-man made virus, evolution, ...), supernatural (voodoo, magic, evil(as in Evil Dead), ...) and science (like Resident Evil, monster of Frankenstein, ...).
With zombies defined as 'reanimated dead organic tissue' mummies and vampires (Interview with a vampire, not Blade style, the body has to die before turning into a vampire, where in Blade it just 'turns' the victims) also fall under it. So do reanimated people having had a cardiac arrest or other and declared clinically dead before having been resuscitated. There for zombies exist!

Anyways made some progress on CSSoC as well, made a pure java software renderer applet with a assxml (assimp xml red.) loader. Since XML is a bit big I also added support for gzipped files to be loaded. Gzip turning a 1.2MB file in 110KB so it's quite a bit lighter on your connection. The models can be limitedly controlled with the mouse, mouse button 1 allows to rotate the object and mouse button 2 zooms.

Unfortunately this blog doesn't support applets so I made a mock-up of what the asset site could look like and hosting it on my site.

On the todo there is:

  • A progress bar so yo can see the model being downloaded and loaded.
  • Frame rate limiter so the applet doesn't use all CPU cycles.
  • ...


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Putting the ass into asset.

'Open Asset Import Library' is a library to import a wide range of 3D formats, which I'll use to expand CA's supported formats.

Assimp has some python bindings (using ctypes) but they were severly outdated. Since I hate manual labour, I decided to write a python script to convert the Assimp header files into python's ctypes compatible Structures. A few regexp tutorials later(I'm new to it) I had a 150 lines script generating a 1000 lines of bindings. All things considered updating the old bindings manually might have taken less time. However I gained a new skill (which is still satisfying for us RolePlayers: "Die you filthy troll and show me some loot and experience!!") and whenever someone non-python aware decides to change assimp all they have to do is run a script.

Now that the bindings were updated it was time to tackle some of the python boilerplate, as the material properties showed some signs of wrong/corrupted memory.
The full ctypes reference later, it turned to be as simple as "cast(p.mData, POINTER(c_float*(p.mDataLength/sizeof(c_float)) )).contents"
and a few more for each possible 'p.mType'. Oh well.

To more exciting stuff, getting all this data in CS:


Support for static meshes, materials (with shadervars) and textures. (after fiddling a bit with left and righ handedness) And now working on animation support...

Picked a mesh that's a tad more exciting than my test cube. Finally settled on 'dwarf.x'.


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Crystal Architect

The mother of all world editors.

DAMN's filebackend relied on the linux specific 'inotify' to watch files and report when they got modified, added or removed.

To support other OSs I set of writing a 'generic notify' mimicing the inotify interface, so it could be used as a drop-in replacement, not having to alter the current code.

It works quite nicely now, although perhaps not that efficient (it's doing simple directory compares), but it was meant to be generic, not using any OS specific libraries/functions.

Planned for the future is a 'win notify' utilizing the ReadDirectoryChanges API, exposed via the pywin32 win32file module.

I also added the concept of 'repositories' to DAMN, allowing to add several directories or other sources (like svn) for DAMN to 'watch'. Utilising the 'Models' repositories automatically register with the UI, allowing them to be edited and en/disable by the user, aswell as adding more or removing some.


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GSoC ....Sort of.

My apologies to my loyal fans, the next couple of months you won't find any insanity striken posts here, just some boring technical descriptions of my progress on CSSoC.

This year I applied to Google Summer of Code for Crystal Space to work on Crystal Architect.
(It's already getting complicated I know.)
Unfortunaly I didn't make the cut, CS specific features were chosen over my less CS specific proposal...however, since my proposal was so brilliant! *cough* the nice people at CS decided to create a 6th slot using last year's GSoC profits (2000USD).

So here I am, proud participant in the first 'Crystal Space Summer of Code', CSSoC!!


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I yelled out "No escape!" as I pounded my fists against the cushioned walls. I started to cry, but it wasn't emotional, my eyes were all bloodshot and dry from the sleep deprivation. They say it's the cause of my paranoia, but I know better. I remember well the night I last slept and the day before when my mind was only clouded with meaningless worries. I was there when it happened...

Rumbling at the door, I shuffled backwards into a corner, trapped as a bunny just sitting there, clinging at life but overcome by fear, waiting for it's predator to deal the final blow. The door swings open followed by a hollow tud when it's stopped by the wall's padding. The white coats. Did another day already pass? The two men enter the cell, but immediatly stop at the door, their shadows cast into the chamber, deformed projections whirl over the floor and walls. One of them approuches me with one hand behind his back, uttering meaningless words in a soothing voice as he comes towards me. I growl at him when he's just at my feet and try to push myself deeper into the corner.

A swift motion and he dealt the final blow, an injection needle punctured my right shoulder. "Sweet dreams." he said without barely moving his lips, not even making a dent in that grin of his, as he exited the room. The other man shut the door behind him. I heared the lock sliding and clicking in place. Are there others like me in here. Why aren't they doing anything to ... My vision became blurry, I must fight the sedative, keep my thoughts clear. Think! I tried to slap myself on the head, I was unable to move my arms, my head nodding as my neck struggled to support it's weight. A string of thoughts fading into nothingness, overwelmed by defeat, giving in to the drug.
Sedative one, me zero.


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Hamster race

If you grew up in a small remote town like myself you'd know it has several downsides, especially if you're as old as me and missed the great video game era by a hair. Well, I'm not being completely honest about entertainment at our house. At least we had books. Every Sunday of each month we played Crazy Christians and held a great book burning much to the chagrin of the town priest whom we had nicknamed Mister Hypocrite. At this point you should have noticed my usage of the word “we”. By “we” I'm of course referring to myself and my twin brother. Obviously you're thinking that a twin brother must be great. You could simply blame things on the other if need be. Unfortunately that is a double edged blade, and worse still, mostly blunt on his side. No matter how much I hated my brother though, I still didn't want other people to hurt him. Thats a privilege I want to keep to myself. Don't let that fact mislead you though, he's definitely the evil crazy one. The craziest thing I've ever thought of was building a machine to shrink us down, so that we could hold a fair race with our pet hamster. Unfortunately what I didn't realize at the time was that humans are bipeds so even even given equal size, the hamster would still win.


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A hero's saga: interlude

Does it happen to you too that at life threatening moments you forget about those small crucial details, like a chain link fence makes horrible cover from a spray of lethal bullets?

That was what I was wondering when I jumped that fence while someone was firing at me with a 9 mill automatic weapon. It was at about the same time I realised a leather jacket and jeans are no good as body armor.

I screamed like a 15-year old girl and rolled over the ground; blood was gushing out of my leg and shoulder.

My armed opponent walked passed the fence, reached into my jacket and pulled out my gun. He mumbled something between his teeth though I couldn't quite make out the language. Still, I'm sure it was an insult directed at me. Actually I'm certain it was an insult as he kicked me in the ribs when he said it. I rolled over in pain, pondering which part of my body hurt the most so I could apply pressure to it next. This turned out to be my head, throbbing with pain that made the gaping holes in the rest of my body feel like papercuts in comparison.

Having lived on only strong liquor for the past few months had incurred a devestating effect on my health. What was I supposed to do though? You can't go around shooting people while eating Subway sandwhiches.

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