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I looked behind me. There was nothing to be seen. Was it just paranoia or would it be best to just look infront of me? Thats what i did. There wasnt much to see either. I continued following the road. I didnt have a real mission. Buying some cigarettes, that was about it. Tomorrow i'll stop smoking, but not today. Tomorrow is still a long time. I live one day at a time. Maybe tomorrow i'm already dead. Funeral monday next week.Dogs allowed on the funeral, thats what i wrote in my will. It also says everybody should party and wear a part-hat and only return home when youre dronk like a fair monkey. A man stopped me to ask directions. I ignored him. It was impossible. "The way to the castle, sir?" he asked beggingly. "The castle" said I, "thats real difficult to explain. Wouldn't you rather go somewhere else?" "But where?" the man asked desperatly. It looked like he was about to cry. I would never cry, except with a movie with a sick kid in it. It the recognision that does it. I also was a sick kid. I had troubles with my kidneys, pancreas and my bowels. Later everything turned out fine, thanks to the local pray healer Louis De Gebedgenezer from SF. He rubbed me in with cowshit, stared at me endlessly and then said the magical words: "Damn this kid smells!" The next day i was healed and could resume my duties as a toddler. "Hmm yes where to?" said I,"that has always been the question. You can always try that pub." I pointed to the pub 'The endless drunkness'. A beautiful winehouse, decorated with beatiful Art Nouveau, to lick of your hands and feet. "Will you join me, i'll pay" asked the man. "I can't be bought" said I, "And I don't go to bars anymore since 1993" Alcohol isn't good for my kidneys, pancreas and my bowels. Actually i'm completly insane, do you realise that you old fool? I was about to punch him on the nose. I was that furious. The man started to cry. For some unknown reason that calmed me. Instead of shaking on my legs, I stopped shaking on my legs. I sensed the diffrence immidiatly. "You know what?" I said, "I think I'll give you the directions to the castle now." With complicated handgestures I showed him the directions to the castle. The man thanked me. He stopped crying.

He started walking, and there he went, a man going to the castle. I stopped staring and ran to the cigarrete store. There i acted like a smoker, nothing more then a smoker...

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The dream

A faint buzzing wakes me up, im holding up my arms to block the bright light that is shining into my room. My windows open, a thick fog slowly fills my room, its lit by the bright blueish light. I try to open my eyes to see whats going on, but my still moisty eyes diffuse the light into purpleish stars.

This is not the first time this has happend, Six of Nine was here last week to consult my knowledge about *cough* outerspace. But enough about that.

I wonder who it is this time...

A oval face finally is recognisable thru the mist, it's hold up by a small fragile body. It claims to be from a planet Thrujius, that is currently at war.

They're recruiting me to fight by their side, they must have heared about my expertice with a 'gun'. Can't really blaim them, im almost legendary, I just hope they pay really well.

I put on my battle suit that would have made Jango Fett jealous, it was a gift of Adama given to me after i saved his sorry ass from the Cylons.

"Oke im ready, there's just one little thing..." "What?" "I want to be Gold leader!"

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