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The Chronicles Of Suburban Insanity

'Guano covered demons from hell!' Exclaimed the preacher, 'I'll be a gypsy whore wobbling O-legged through the doors of this church after a long night out in town If I'd ever let you enter this holy place dressed like that!' I wasn't trying to make a fashion statement, this banana coloured thong was the only piece of clothing still in my possession after Thick Tony raided my place...I figured I'd try my luck anyways 'Sanctuary?' I requested humbly. This just seemed to enrage the man of the cloth even more.... Why was Tony at my place? I haven't pissed him off for at least 3 years, not since I won against him in a match of poker and he carved the now clearly visible 'IOY' in my chest. What changed? Taylor was at my place last month...sweet Taylor involved with Tony's affairs, the thought sends a chill up my spine. Maybe if I had been nicer to her, I could have kept her out of trouble. I dodge a collection plate, the preacher hasn't given hope on kicking me out of his church. I need a lead or at least some clothes, it's already dark outside maybe I'll take my chances on the street. I need a contact, someone that wouldn't run away horrified seeing me like this, Crazy John comes to mind, John has seen it all, the outskirts of Vegas, donkey shows in Mexico, midget wrestling in Texas, midgets wrestling donkeys and every fan art forum on the internet. If there was a person on this globe that could see me like this and consider it the most normal event in his life, it would be John, but would he have reinstalled his passenger seat already? I could use a ride. Empty drive way, shit he's not home! My eye catches a shimmer of the porch light in a piece of glass near the fence, I walk towards it and pick it up, a remnant of a glass jar covered in blood. What happened here? There's something in the weeds as well, a face plate of a Cisco router... Olathe, a crime hub? I chuckle and toss the face plate and bloody piece of glass on the ground. Maybe he's at the warehouse with Brant? I start jogging in its general direction. Have you ever seen a grown man jog in a yellow thong, if you haven't, don't try to mentally picture it, it's not a pretty sight! But I digress, why was Tony after me? Or what and why was it at my place? It doesn't even matter anymore, I'm tired and cold, I just want someone to hold and fall asleep with. Preferably not in this outfit.


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I ran out of roads to walk down and sailed the seven seas, more than men but less than a man, my ashes blowing in the wind and my words turning to whispers on the lips of the ones that once knew me.

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Masks is what we wear, the truth is behind it, not out there. Made from cardboard, plastic or papier-mache, we think it hides all our cares away. Sometimes we switch masks, but we never take it off, afraid forever, to love.


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A tale of two horses

You ever been running so hard, you forgot why? You look down behind you and all you see is an empty alley. You slow down taking big steps as you come to halt feeling like a moron, leaning over and supporting your body with your hands on your knees. Desperately trying to breathe...
You hear screeching tires, two cones of light drift around the corner, blinding you. Your vampire movie obsession makes you duck as you hiss at the high beams.


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VirtualBox GnomeApplet

Sometimes the need arises to monitor something.

How to install:

  • Get the files from here. and place them in
  • Make file executable: chmod +x /home/youruser/vb/virtualbox-applet.py
  • Open virtualbox-applet.server and edit

    <oaf_server iid="OAFIID:GNOME_VB_factory"
    type="exe" location="/home/youruser/vb/virtualbox-applet.py">
    to point to the right path.
  • create a sym link in /usr/lib/bonobo/servers/

    sudo ln -s /home/youruser/vb/virtualbox-applet.server /usr/lib/bonobo/servers/virtualbox-applet.server
  • Right click a panel, click 'Add to panel', do a search on 'virtualbox', select 'Python VirtualBox Applet', click 'Add' and voila it should show up.



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If someone is interested, this http://pastebin.com/f76da0a09 converts the current MakeHuman mesh to animesh including targets.

Was experimenting with it cause customizing your character in-game to make it look like you want or get a muscular character when your strength goes up sounds great!

Unfortunately the highpoly mesh combined with the morphtarget transformations is kinda expensive, 17fps here :/

So moving on to something else...

Simple instructions:
- put script in makehuman dir
- run
- copy skelfrankie_rig from cs/data/frankie and put along side the generated factory file
- rename to rig
- edit rig and change in the skeleton tag name="frankie_rig" to name="rig"
- open factory in viewmesh
- start any animation, IMPORTANT without a animation running morphtargets won't be applied
- play around with the targets

A CS fix later, fps is now on an acceptable level of 90-100fps. So if someone has time to improve the conversion, UVmapping, skin texture, perhaps a way to create a lower poly version...


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The bar

We went to the bar, they were reading vagina jokes from their phones, they laughed. I didn't. Only thing I thought about was setting them on fire and wonder how funny _that_ would be as a I spun a lighter between my fingers.


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Zombies and loaders.

Sunday I was in Paris in a tavern called Oiseau on the Avenue de Clichy (near the Moulin Rouge red.) with my girlfriend discussing the topic 'Zombies are evil'. We came to the conclusion that zombies fall in three categories: natural (non-man made virus, evolution, ...), supernatural (voodoo, magic, evil(as in Evil Dead), ...) and science (like Resident Evil, monster of Frankenstein, ...).
With zombies defined as 'reanimated dead organic tissue' mummies and vampires (Interview with a vampire, not Blade style, the body has to die before turning into a vampire, where in Blade it just 'turns' the victims) also fall under it. So do reanimated people having had a cardiac arrest or other and declared clinically dead before having been resuscitated. There for zombies exist!

Anyways made some progress on CSSoC as well, made a pure java software renderer applet with a assxml (assimp xml red.) loader. Since XML is a bit big I also added support for gzipped files to be loaded. Gzip turning a 1.2MB file in 110KB so it's quite a bit lighter on your connection. The models can be limitedly controlled with the mouse, mouse button 1 allows to rotate the object and mouse button 2 zooms.

Unfortunately this blog doesn't support applets so I made a mock-up of what the asset site could look like and hosting it on my site.

On the todo there is:

  • A progress bar so yo can see the model being downloaded and loaded.
  • Frame rate limiter so the applet doesn't use all CPU cycles.
  • ...


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Putting the ass into asset.

'Open Asset Import Library' is a library to import a wide range of 3D formats, which I'll use to expand CA's supported formats.

Assimp has some python bindings (using ctypes) but they were severly outdated. Since I hate manual labour, I decided to write a python script to convert the Assimp header files into python's ctypes compatible Structures. A few regexp tutorials later(I'm new to it) I had a 150 lines script generating a 1000 lines of bindings. All things considered updating the old bindings manually might have taken less time. However I gained a new skill (which is still satisfying for us RolePlayers: "Die you filthy troll and show me some loot and experience!!") and whenever someone non-python aware decides to change assimp all they have to do is run a script.

Now that the bindings were updated it was time to tackle some of the python boilerplate, as the material properties showed some signs of wrong/corrupted memory.
The full ctypes reference later, it turned to be as simple as "cast(p.mData, POINTER(c_float*(p.mDataLength/sizeof(c_float)) )).contents"
and a few more for each possible 'p.mType'. Oh well.

To more exciting stuff, getting all this data in CS:


Support for static meshes, materials (with shadervars) and textures. (after fiddling a bit with left and righ handedness) And now working on animation support...

Picked a mesh that's a tad more exciting than my test cube. Finally settled on 'dwarf.x'.


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Crystal Architect

The mother of all world editors.

DAMN's filebackend relied on the linux specific 'inotify' to watch files and report when they got modified, added or removed.

To support other OSs I set of writing a 'generic notify' mimicing the inotify interface, so it could be used as a drop-in replacement, not having to alter the current code.

It works quite nicely now, although perhaps not that efficient (it's doing simple directory compares), but it was meant to be generic, not using any OS specific libraries/functions.

Planned for the future is a 'win notify' utilizing the ReadDirectoryChanges API, exposed via the pywin32 win32file module.

I also added the concept of 'repositories' to DAMN, allowing to add several directories or other sources (like svn) for DAMN to 'watch'. Utilising the 'Models' repositories automatically register with the UI, allowing them to be edited and en/disable by the user, aswell as adding more or removing some.


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