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GSoC project presentation

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Welcome to my GSoC 2011 blog! Here you'll be able to follow the progression of my project for Crystal Space.

This is my first time participating to the Google Summer of Code, and I'm glad I've been accepted into the project I was most interested in. My project will consist of, basically, add support for OpenGL GLSL shaders into Crystal Space, which currently provide support for OpenGL ARB and nVidia Cg shaders. Ideally I'd also like to add support for the famous geometry and tessellation shaders, which would allow Crystal Space to implement new generation and cool rendering techniques based on them. The project will be implemented as a Crystal Space plugin.

The main design difference between Cg (and ARB) and GLSL shaders is that Cg allows you to bind the vertex and fragment shaders independently while GLSL requires them to be linked (and thus non-separable) into a "program" before being used. Fortunately, Crystal Space's architecture doesn't use much of the "separable" functionnality provided by Cg, facilitating therefore the setup of a "unified" design, much like GLSL's. This will involve a new syntax in the XML shader files used by Crystal Space in order to make explicit the use of the "unified" model.

I hope that by the end of the summer I could provide a nice tessellation demo, but for now I have to focus on the core of the new GLSL plugin and its integration into the engine.

Have a nice summer! :)

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