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Game Development Kit Compilation

This document describes how to manually compile GDK environment. Note that we provided also ready to install packages - it's easy one-click operation, so read this document if you are really interested about learning how everything works inside or if GDK package is not provided for your system. This document is only shrot description giving useful tips - for details please refer proper library/tool documentation.

Crystal Space

Third party dependencies

First you need C++ compilator ofcourse. You can use GCC, Mingw/Msys, VisualStudio. Crystal Space uses a lot of third-party libraries, so before compilation you need to install (or also compile) them: zlib, libpng, libmng, libjpeg, X-window system, OpenGL, Freetype2, Cg, Bullet, Ogg/Vorbis, OpenAL. You need also tools like jam and swig.


You can easily install them using your package system and embeded searching engine, usually that packages has -dev or -devel sufix.

Example for Ubuntu / Debian systems:

sudo apt-get install build-essential xorg-dev libpng12-dev libjpeg62-dev libmng-dev libogg-dev libvorbis-dev python-dev libopenal-dev libalut-dev libasound-dev nvidia-cg-toolkit jam swig

Useful tips (for current state in the middle of 2008):

  • Bullet is not usually provided in any package, so download it from www.bulletphysics.com and compile byself.
  • At this moment you need swig 1.3.33 not earlier and not later. Check your version by typing swig -version if you have different then uninstall it and compile from source proper one byself swig.sourceforge.net
  • Nvidia Cg is a language for graphic shaders and it works also for other manufacturers like Intel and AMD/ATI. Make sure that you have at least version 2.0 by typing cgc -v If not then download from developer.nvidia.com and unpack as root to your main directory.


You can download all that libraries separately or just in provided by Crystal Space developers atomic package cs-win32libs-1.3_004.exe


Using standard console (or Msys console in Windows) in the unpacked Crystal Space directory run:

./configure --enable-optimize --enable-cpu-specific-optimizations=max --disable-separate-debug-info
sudo jam install sudo ldconfig (for Unix systems)

Crystal Entity Layer


In the unpacked CEL directory run:

./configure --enable-optimize --enable-cpu-specific-optimizations=max --disable-separate-debug-info
sudo jam install sudo ldconfig (for Unix systems)


Compilation tips

You need recent svn trunk version of Blender. Easiest way is download from graphicall.org. If you compiling it byself - you need custom flags o disable some conflicts between libraries in case when you want to embedd CS inside Blender window. In the main blender source directory put user-config.py contains:


Compile just typing scons in the source directory.


Third party dependencies

Additionally you need 4suite and python imaging. For Ubuntu that packages names python-4suite-xml and python-imaging.


Copy 'scripts' directory to your blender 'scripts'

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