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Game Development Kit Overview

Crystal Space (CS) www.crystalspace3d.org is a software development kit for realtime 3D graphics, skeleton animation, collision detection, physic dynamics, sound, memory and file managment, and more. Supports GNU/Linux, Mac-OSX and Windows using a wide range of compilers.

Crystal Entity Layer (CEL) www.crystalspace3d.org is a companion to Crystal Space. Provides a set of components to specifically help with writing games like for example: character movement, camera system, navigation and pathfinding, neural networks, mechanics (generic, car, hover) and more. Provides logic system to manage everything together using C++, Python or XML. Also has deploying system similiar to Java's .jar: whole game content - models, textures, also Python or XML scripts can be zipped into one file with extension .celzip which is platform independent. Game will be launched then using running environment called Celstart for your system (which contains CS + CEL libraries and Celstart application).

Blender www.blender.org is an application for 3d modelling and animation. You can use it also for create game levels, materials, bake lights, normalmaps from hi-poly to lo-poly and more.

Blender2Crystal (B2CS) b2cs.delcorp.org is a plugin for Blender which can be used as exporter from Blender to Crystal Space model file format, but it's also visual wrapper for many CS and CEL features. Provides complete WYSIWG environment for creating games. Crystal Space can be embendend iside Blender widow, and changes in game made in-fly.

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