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csutil/allocator.h File Reference

Basic allocator classes. More...

#include "csutil/alignedalloc.h"
#include "csutil/memdebug.h"

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namespace  CS
namespace  CS::Memory


class  CS::Memory::AllocatorAlign< A >
 This class implements an allocator policy which aligns the first element on given byte boundary. More...
class  CS::Memory::AllocatorMalloc
 A default memory allocator that allocates with cs_malloc(). More...
struct  CS::Memory::AllocatorPointerWrapper< T, Allocator >
 Class to store a pointer that is allocated from Allocator, to eliminate overhead from a possibly empty Allocator. More...
class  CS::Memory::LocalBufferAllocator< T, N, ExcessAllocator >
 An allocator with a small local buffer. More...

Detailed Description

Basic allocator classes.

Definition in file allocator.h.

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