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csBaseRenderStepLoader Class Reference
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Base class for render step loaders. More...

#include <csplugincommon/renderstep/basesteploader.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool Initialize (iObjectRegistry *object_reg)
 Initialize the component.
virtual csPtr< iBaseParse (iDocumentNode *node, iStreamSource *ssource, iLoaderContext *ldr_context, iBase *context)=0
 Parse a given document node and return a new object for it.

Protected Attributes

csRef< iSyntaxServicesynldr

Detailed Description

Base class for render step loaders.

Definition at line 41 of file basesteploader.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool csBaseRenderStepLoader::Initialize ( iObjectRegistry object_reg  )  [virtual]

Initialize the component.

This is automatically called by system driver at startup so that plugin can do basic initialization stuff, register with the system driver and so on.

Implements iComponent.

virtual csPtr<iBase> csBaseRenderStepLoader::Parse ( iDocumentNode node,
iStreamSource ssource,
iLoaderContext ldr_context,
iBase context 
) [pure virtual]

Parse a given document node and return a new object for it.

node The node to parse.
ssource An optional stream source where we can get (additional) resources from, such as buffers, in a fast way.
ldr_context Can be used to get the context for the loading. You can use this to find meshes/materials/...
context The context in which we are loading (can be the mesh wrapper for meshes for example).

Implements iLoaderPlugin.

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