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csGLStateCacheContext Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 DECLARE_CACHED_PARAMETER_4_LAYER (glTexCoordPointer, TexCoordPointer, GLint, tsize, GLenum, ttype, GLsizei, tstride, GLvoid *, tpointer) csGLStateCacheContext(csGLExtensionManager *extmgr)
void InitCache ()
 Init cache.

Public Attributes

int activeUnit [2]
GLuint boundtexture [CS_GL_MAX_LAYER]
GLvoid vpointer ColorPointer
GLvoid vpointer csize
GLvoid vpointer cstride
GLvoid vpointer ctype
GLuint currentBufferID
GLuint currentIndexID
int currentUnit
GLvoid vpointer GLenum
GLvoid vpointer GLint
GLvoid vpointer GLsizei

Detailed Description

Definition at line 372 of file glstates.h.

Member Function Documentation

void csGLStateCacheContext::InitCache (  )  [inline]

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