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scfImplementation1< Class, I1 > Class Template Reference

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Public Member Functions

void * QueryInterface (scfInterfaceID id, scfInterfaceVersion version)
 Query a particular interface implemented by this object.

Protected Types

typedef Class scfClassType
typedef scfImplementation1<
Class,I1 > 

Protected Member Functions

 scfImplementation1 (Class *object, iBase *parent=0)
virtual ~scfImplementation1 ()

Detailed Description

template<class Class, class I1>
class scfImplementation1< Class, I1 >

Definition at line 92 of file scf_implgen.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<class Class, class I1>
void* scfImplementation1< Class, I1 >::QueryInterface ( scfInterfaceID  id,
scfInterfaceVersion  version 
) [inline, virtual]

Query a particular interface implemented by this object.

You are _not_ allowed to cast this to anything but a pointer to this interface (not even iBase). Use scfQueryInterface<interface> instead of using this method directly.

Reimplemented from scfImplementation< Class >.

Reimplemented in scfImplementationExt0< csParasiticDataBufferPooled, csParasiticDataBufferBase >, scfImplementationExt0< csDocumentNodeReadOnly, csDocumentNodeCommon >, scfImplementationExt0< csImageMemory, csImageBase >, scfImplementationExt0< csScreenShot, csImageBase >, scfImplementationExt0< csImageCubeMapMaker, csImageBase >, scfImplementationExt0< csNewtonianParticleSystem, csParticleSystem >, scfImplementationExt0< csParasiticDataBuffer, csParasiticDataBufferBase >, scfImplementationExt0< csImageVolumeMaker, csImageBase >, scfImplementationExt0< csCommonImageFile, csImageMemory >, scfImplementationExt0< csGLScreenShot, csImageBase >, scfImplementationExt1< csMapNode, csObject, iMapNode >, scfImplementationExt1< csColliderWrapper, csObject, scfFakeInterface< csColliderWrapper > >, scfImplementationExt1< csMeshObject, csObjectModel, iMeshObject >, scfImplementationExt1< csKeyValuePair, csObject, iKeyValuePair >, scfImplementationExt2< csParticleSystem, csObjectModel, iMeshObject, iParticleState >, scfImplementationExt2< csSaverFile, csObject, iSaverFile, iSelfDestruct >, scfImplementationExt2< csProcTexture, csObject, iTextureWrapper, iProcTexture >, scfImplementationExt2< csAddonReference, csObject, iAddonReference, iSelfDestruct >, and scfImplementationExt2< csLibraryReference, csObject, iLibraryReference, iSelfDestruct >.

Definition at line 97 of file scf_implgen.h.

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