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csplugincommon/canvas/draw_common.h File Reference

Common software canvas drawing tools. More...

#include "csplugincommon/canvas/graph2d.h"

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class  csPixMixerCopy< Tpixel >
 PixMixer that ignores alpha. More...
class  csPixMixerNoop< Tpixel >
 PixMixer that doesn't do anything. More...
class  csPixMixerRGBA< Tpixel >
 PixMixer that mixes the pixel into the background with alpha. More...


template<class Tpixel>
static void SplitAlpha (const int color, Tpixel &colorPart, uint8 &alphaPart)
 Split a g2d color into the color and alpha part.

Detailed Description

Common software canvas drawing tools.

Definition in file draw_common.h.

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