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CS::SndSys Namespace Reference


class  PCMSampleConverter
 A PCMSampleConverter object converts PCM data from one format to another. More...
class  QEntry
class  Queue
 A threadsafe, pointer-passing queue (First-In First-Out) implementation for the sound system. More...
class  QueueIterator
 A simple iterator over the elements of a queue. More...
class  SndSysBasicData
class  SndSysBasicStream
class  SoundCyclicBuffer
 An implementation of a cyclic buffer oriented for sound functionality. More...


enum  QueueErrorType { QUEUE_SUCCESS = 0, QUEUE_ERR_CLOSED = -1, QUEUE_ERR_NOMEM = -2, QUEUE_ERR_DUPE = -3 }
 Basic operation error codes. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

Basic operation error codes.

QUEUE_SUCCESS  The operation was successful.
QUEUE_ERR_CLOSED  The operation failed because the queue is m_bClosed.

Closed queues fail further attempts to add elements

QUEUE_ERR_NOMEM  The operation failed due to a memory allocation failure.
QUEUE_ERR_DUPE  The operation failed due to another currently existing equivalent entry.

If the queue is configured to check for duplicate entries, then this result may be returned

Definition at line 37 of file queue.h.

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