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iPortalContainer Struct Reference
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A container for portals. More...

#include <iengine/portalcontainer.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual iPortalCreatePortal (csVector3 *vertices, int num)=0
 Create a new portal.
virtual void Draw (iRenderView *rview)=0
 Render the portal container.
virtual iPortalGetPortal (int idx) const =0
 Get a specific portal.
virtual int GetPortalCount () const =0
 Get the number of portals in this contain.
virtual void RemovePortal (iPortal *portal)=0
 Remove a portal.

Detailed Description

A container for portals.

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Definition at line 50 of file portalcontainer.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual iPortal* iPortalContainer::CreatePortal ( csVector3 vertices,
int  num 
) [pure virtual]

Create a new portal.

virtual void iPortalContainer::Draw ( iRenderView rview  )  [pure virtual]

Render the portal container.

virtual iPortal* iPortalContainer::GetPortal ( int  idx  )  const [pure virtual]

Get a specific portal.

virtual int iPortalContainer::GetPortalCount (  )  const [pure virtual]

Get the number of portals in this contain.

virtual void iPortalContainer::RemovePortal ( iPortal portal  )  [pure virtual]

Remove a portal.

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