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csutil/cseventflattener.h File Reference

Event flattening helper. More...

#include "csextern.h"

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class  csEventFlattener
 Standard event flattener(also known as serializer). More...


enum  csEventFlattenerError { csEventFlattenerErrorNone, csEventFlattenerErroriBaseEncountered, csEventFlattenerErrorAttributeRetrieval, csEventFlattenerErrorWrongFormat }
 Event flattening/unflattening result. More...

Detailed Description

Event flattening helper.

Definition in file cseventflattener.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

Event flattening/unflattening result.

csEventFlattenerErrorNone  No error.
csEventFlattenerErroriBaseEncountered  An attribute contains an iBase interface; those can't be serialized.
csEventFlattenerErrorAttributeRetrieval  An error occured during retrieval of an attribute.
csEventFlattenerErrorWrongFormat  The buffer data is not in the expected format.

Definition at line 35 of file cseventflattener.h.

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