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csutil/csshlib.h File Reference

Crystal Space cross-platform shared library management. More...

#include "csextern.h"
#include "csutil/ref.h"
#include "csutil/stringarray.h"
#include "csutil/syspath.h"
#include "iutil/string.h"

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Low-level shared library support

typedef void * csLibraryHandle
void * csGetLibrarySymbol (csLibraryHandle Handle, char const *iName)
 Return a pointer to a symbol within given shared library.
bool csGetLoadLibraryVerbose ()
 Query if failed dynamic library loads generate verbose messages.
csRef< iStringcsGetPluginMetadata (const char *fullPath, csRef< iDocument > &metadata)
 Retrive a plugin's metadata.
csLibraryHandle csLoadLibrary (char const *iName)
 Load a shared library and return a library handle, which is used later to query and unload the library.
void csPrintLibraryError (char const *iModule)
 Print out the latest dynamic loader error.
csRef< iStringArraycsScanPluginDir (const char *dir, csRef< iStringArray > &plugins, bool recursive=true)
 Scan a given directory for plugins and return a list of the plugin native file names and their respective metadata.
csRef< iStringArraycsScanPluginDirs (csPathsList *dirs, csRef< iStringArray > &plugins)
 Scan some given directories for plugins.
void csSetLoadLibraryVerbose (bool)
 Control whether dynamic library loading messages are verbose or terse.
bool csUnloadLibrary (csLibraryHandle Handle)
 Unload a shared library given its handle.

Detailed Description

Crystal Space cross-platform shared library management.

Definition in file csshlib.h.

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