Public API Reference

Loading & Saving support


struct  iBinaryLoaderPlugin
 This is a binary plugin for the loader. More...
struct  iBinarySaverPlugin
 } More...
struct  iLoader
 This interface represents the map loader. More...
struct  iLoaderContext
 This interface gives the context for the loader. More...
struct  iLoaderPlugin
 This is a plugin for the loader based on document tree. More...
struct  iLoaderStatus
 An object to query about the status of the threaded loader. More...
struct  iMissingLoaderData
 This callback is called when the loader can't find some material, texture, factory, mesh, light, shader, or sector. More...
struct  iModelLoader
 Some loader plugins implement this as an easier way to load a factory from code. More...
struct  iSaverPlugin
 This is a plugin to save with. More...
struct  iStreamDataCallback
 This callback will be fired when the data is ready. More...
struct  iStreamSource
 This interface represents a stream source. More...
struct  iSyntaxService
 This component provides services for other loaders to easily parse properties of standard CS world syntax. More...
struct  iTextureLoaderContext
 Interface passed to a texture loader, holding some common texture properties. More...

Texture transformation description

#define CSTEX_UV   1
 UV is given.
#define CSTEX_UV_SHIFT   8
 explicit (u,v) <-> vertex mapping is given
#define CSTEX_V1   2
 vector1 is given
#define CSTEX_V2   4
 vector2 is given

Define Documentation

#define CSTEX_UV   1

UV is given.

Definition at line 61 of file services.h.

#define CSTEX_UV_SHIFT   8

explicit (u,v) <-> vertex mapping is given

Definition at line 67 of file services.h.

#define CSTEX_V1   2

vector1 is given

Definition at line 63 of file services.h.

#define CSTEX_V2   4

vector2 is given

Definition at line 65 of file services.h.

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