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iutil/object.h File Reference

Generic object interface. More...

#include "csutil/scf_interface.h"
#include "csutil/ref.h"

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struct  iObject
 This interface is an SCF interface for encapsulating csObject. More...
struct  iObjectIterator
 This is an iterator for child objects of a csObject. More...
struct  iObjectNameChangeListener
 A callback that you can implement to get notified of name changes in an iObject. More...


#define CS_GET_CHILD_OBJECT(object, Interface)
 You can use this macro to get a child object from a csObject.
#define CS_GET_FIRST_NAMED_CHILD_OBJECT(object, Interface, name)
 This is the same as CS_GET_CHILD_OBJECT, but stops at the first object with the given name, even if it does not implement the requested interface.
#define CS_GET_NAMED_CHILD_OBJECT(object, Interface, name)
 You can use this macro to get a child object with the given name and interface from a csObject.

Detailed Description

Generic object interface.

Definition in file object.h.

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