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iParticleBuiltinEmitterBase Struct Reference
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virtual void GetInitialVelocity (csVector3 &linear, csVector3 &angular) const =0
 Get velocity for emitted particles.
GetParticlePlacement () const =0
 Get particle placement.
virtual const csVector3GetPosition () const =0
 Get position.
virtual bool GetUniformVelocity () const =0
 Get initial velocity strategy.
virtual void SetInitialVelocity (const csVector3 &linear, const csVector3 &angular)=0
 Set velocity/magnitude for emitted particles.
virtual void SetParticlePlacement (csParticleBuiltinEmitterPlacement place)=0
 Set particle placement.
virtual void SetPosition (const csVector3 &position)=0
 Set position of emitter.
virtual void SetUniformVelocity (bool uniform)=0
 Set initial velocity assignment strategy.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 529 of file particles.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void iParticleBuiltinEmitterBase::GetInitialVelocity ( csVector3 linear,
csVector3 angular 
) const [pure virtual]

Get velocity for emitted particles.

virtual csParticleBuiltinEmitterPlacement iParticleBuiltinEmitterBase::GetParticlePlacement (  )  const [pure virtual]

Get particle placement.

virtual const csVector3& iParticleBuiltinEmitterBase::GetPosition (  )  const [pure virtual]

Get position.

virtual bool iParticleBuiltinEmitterBase::GetUniformVelocity (  )  const [pure virtual]

Get initial velocity strategy.

virtual void iParticleBuiltinEmitterBase::SetInitialVelocity ( const csVector3 linear,
const csVector3 angular 
) [pure virtual]

Set velocity/magnitude for emitted particles.

virtual void iParticleBuiltinEmitterBase::SetParticlePlacement ( csParticleBuiltinEmitterPlacement  place  )  [pure virtual]

Set particle placement.

virtual void iParticleBuiltinEmitterBase::SetPosition ( const csVector3 position  )  [pure virtual]

Set position of emitter.

See also:

virtual void iParticleBuiltinEmitterBase::SetUniformVelocity ( bool  uniform  )  [pure virtual]

Set initial velocity assignment strategy.

Uniform velocity means that direction is always "outward pushing" (exactly what that is depends on the shape of the emitter, for example sphere emitter give radial velocity). When using uniform velocity only the magnitude is used from the set velocity vector.

Opposite to uniform is to use a single velocity vector for new particles.

Default should be uniform velocity distribution.

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